We have a highly strategic approach and forge strong ties between people, territories and markets.

This is how we build up our wineries and provide value to our brands.

Prosit Group is the promoter of the culture of quality Italian wine, offering its customers the highest denominations through a complete and synergetic portfolio of brands and the promotion of areas of excellence.
The business model of the Prosit Group is new and distinctive and involves direct control of the entire value chain. This gives the group a unique position in the market.
In a global market that is increasingly sensitive to the quality of Italian wine, Prosit Group reaches more than sixty markets around the world, from the most established to the most emerging.
The Group is led by a highly qualified management team with extensive experience in the wine sector. Their strategies are backed by a long-term investment fund.
The Group's management has a successful track record in mergers and acquisitions. This enables it to operate according to a long-term action plan to develop new commercial and industrial synergies.
The Group is structured to adopt and manage a business model that is compliant with environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles.
€83 million
in revenue

Reached in more than 60 markets

61% Export
39% Italy

61% of the turnover was recorded abroad and 39% in Italy


In 5 different regions

5 Italian wineries
1 importer

Improving Italy's most popular wine regions

350 meters
above sea level

Average height of vineyards


Building a healthy future for our wineries, contributing to Italian wine’s success and reputation worldwide.

Developing and marketing strong brands that attract current and future wine lovers.


Prosit Group is underpinned by shared values: competence, quality, and respect for people and territories.