We have always put people at the centre of the project. Everyone brings different sensibilities, skills and experience to the project.

Each brand, each product and each project signed by Prosit Group is the synthesis of a variety of talents working together.

Pier Luigi Calcagnile
Chief Commercial Officer & Founder

A highly qualified manager with a broad range of experience in the FMCG sector, plus fifteen years’ experience in the wine sector. He has a high profile track record of success in negotiations and relationships with the major international grocery chains, as well as with the major international wine importers and distributors.

Sergio Dagnino
Chief Executive Officer & Founder

With a consolidated experience of more than twenty years in the industry, he is one of the leading voices in the Italian wine sector. He has held positions of increasing responsibility in the FMCG sector, most recently taking on the role of CEO of the leading Italian wine co-operative for more than fifteen years. He is the founder of the Prosit Group.

Francesco Liantonio
President of Torrevento and Prosit Group Board Member
He has led Torrevento, now controlled by Prosit Group, on the national and international markets in recent decades, first believing in the potential of the Alta Murgia and Castel del Monte territory. He is President of Valoritalia, a leading company in Italy for the control and certification of wines with Designation of Origin, Geographical Indication and wines with indications of the grape variety and/or vintage.
Carlo Monari
Chief Financial Officer & Founder

He has over 20 years’ experience within the winemaking industry. He has gained significant experience in complex environments as Financial Director, Controller and Head of Corporate Organization.

Gianluca Greatti
Italy Head of Sales
Luca Maruffa
Head of Marketing
Andrea Bortone
Head of Export Sales
Riccardo Maltinti
Export Country Manager
A combination of skills

Prosit Group is a union of skills stemming from a highly qualified management team with many years of experience in the world of wine and consumer goods that firmly believes in an innovative business model.

The team operating at the headquarters in Bologna works in close liaison with those who work at the wineries every day and enhance the winegrowing district of origin, generating a shared vision and valuable projects that enhance uniqueness and regionality.