From taverns to the world wine market: Casa Vinicola Caldirola has been a story of success for more than a hundred years, and is now known for its wide range of wines.

Missaglia, Lombardia

Casa Vinicola Caldirola was founded in 1897 in Contra, a hamlet of Missaglia (Lecco), as a tavern and wine bar. In the 1970s, the brand ‘La Cacciatora’ brought worldwide renown to the winery, leading to the beginning of international wine exports in the 1980s and 1990s.

In the same period, the company linked its name to the world of sport and thus the bottle celebrating the 1990 World Cup championship, held in Italy, made its entry en masse into Italian homes, while the cycling championship jerseys brought the ‘Italia dei vini’ logo to roads throughout Europe.

In 2000 Caldirola gained the Italian leadership position in the modern channel of large-scale distribution in the glass sector. At the beginning of the new millennium the family sold the Winery, but the new management ensured further growth in the national market, strengthening exports, launching new products in line with consumer preferences, guaranteeing excellent value for money, and a range of services tailored to the brands.